Jörg Forsbach (2)

Jörg Forsbach

co-founder and technical director



  • since 1991 dental technician
  • 1991-2000 executive laboratory manager in a dental lab in Cologne/Germany
  • 1993 training course biomechanical occlusal design, Polz + Raab
  • 1999 training course bio aesthetic and allergy neutral AGC crowns
  • since 2000 independent designer, development of innovative design concepts for graphic-, web and product design
  • 2000-2003 technical consultant of CAD/CAM 3D systems
  • 2003-2010 clinical expert and clinical supervisor of Align-Technology at the headquarter Europe in Amsterdam. Responsible for support and clinical training of all European dentists and orthodontists, certifications, quality management, product safety, process development and staff training at Align Technology Costa Rica.
  • since 2009 co-founder and technical director of orcadent GmbH. Development of aligner techniques who expand the orthodontic spectrum
  • 2011 requested appraiser of the chamber of handicrafts Braunschw./Lüneb./Stade
  • 2012 certified trainer for intraoral scanner and user of the first 3shape TRIOS-ORTHO-scanner







 Dr. Heine 2

Dr. Gernot Heine

co-founder and clinical director


  • 1997 approbation in dentistry, University of Göttingen
  • 1993/94 scientific assistant of the anatomic faculty
  • 1993-2002 assistant researcher for biomechanics, senior researchers Prof. Nägerl and Prof. Kubein-Meesenburg (analysis of joint functions and anatomic studies in cooperation with Prof. Fanghänel, University
    of Greifswald). Scientific focus on TMJ-function and technical analysis with ultrasonic and optical measuring systems
  • 2001 certified education in manual medicine and osteopathy for orthodontists (DGMM/IUK) (www.dgmm-fac.de)
  • 2001 officially recognized orthodontist, certified for Invisalign and further aligner systems
  • 2002 partnership in a private practice for holistic orthodontics in Cologne
  • 2006 private practice in Hannover. First orthodontic practice specialized on 100% aligner techniques
  • 2007 until today: focus on development of clinical and technical concepts for complex aligner treatments
  • since 2009 co-founder and clinical director of orcadent GmbH




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